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Oazyz Energy, Inc. was founded with a vision to bring renewable energy to people who need it the most – rural, impoverished and isolated populations.

We help clients develop integrative policy and project approaches with an understanding of socio-cultural practices, market and economic conditions, regulatory framework, and best industry practices. Our expertise includes country level strategic planning and analysis in various sectors – Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Mining, and Transportation. We are currently working with a number of countries and island nations on GHG Mitigation strategies and implementation.

We also work on projects or in advisory roles in countries such as Senegal, Kenya, Congo, Indonesia, China, Grenada, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, promoting affordable, reliable and sustainable renewable energy projects. We can also help you identify and develop good value energy opportunities, pushing projects from the feasibility stage through financing and project implementation.

We approach engagements with focus on key community outcomes such as employment, health and social inclusion as part of a holistic assessment of a development projects impact. Social and economic assessments are prepared for a wide range of projects including renewable energy, mineral extraction, water and waste infrastructure to ensure local autonomy, resilience and community empowerment.


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