Oazyz Energy provides several services depending on the objectives of our clients.

We help countries and island nations with renewable electrification strategies including:

• Developing GHG Mitigation strategies
• On and Off-grid Electrification strategies
• Market, Financial, and Social Assessments for Renewable Energy
We help project developers by:

• Creating strategies for entering markets, building partnerships and attracting investors
• Matching Project Developers with appropriate funders including development banks and private investors
• Determining the feasibility of projects, including socio-economic impact analysis
• Performing technology, market, competitor and financial due diligence.
For Companies who want to lower energy costs and create sustainable value, we will:

• Determine if your project is feasible and has good Return on Investment
• Create an implementation strategy
• Developing financing options including power purchase agreements and other funding mechanisms
• Implement the project – work with the best companies in the business to push the project through to implementation.

For the Energy Technology Company, we will:
• Provide business development support
• Assess the marketing and create entry strategies
• Connect you with the right Partners – who can add value to your project
• Access Project Funding – creative access to grants, loans, equity
• Business Model Analysis & Design
• Development of project summaries
• Development of reports and presentations
For the Investor we will:
• Identify solid opportunities with excellent ROI
• Complete Due diligence (including site review, technology review, contractual review, interconnection review, permitting and regulatory review, and financial review)
• Provide a true assessment of risks

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