Peninsula de Los Suenos – Mexico

June 2016 – In partnership with Recon Associates, Oazyz Energy has been hired in an advisory capacity for energy and water development for the Peninsula De Los Suenos Resort. When fully developed, the Peninsula de los Sueños (PDLS) will be an 8,800 acre eco-resort with 18 miles of Sea of Cortez shoreline, south of La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS), Mexico.

DCI has owned PDLS site since 2002 and has been pursuing the development approval process culminating in the final approval of the Master and Environment Plan from state and local authorities in May of 2016.

DCI is now beginning the infrastructure building phase of the project and is seeking firms who can design, build, own, and operate the infrastructure such as the roadways, renewable energy campus, desalination and waste water treatment plants. DCI will provide the land and expects the infrastructure developer to bring the financial and technical resources to complete the site development.

Full development cost when all phases are built out is expected to range between $100 to $200 million USD – the master plan includes:

• 11 distinct Planning Area communities with 25,000-35,000 Units including houses, condominiums and hotel units.
• A Renewable Energy Campus, Desalination and Wastewater Facilities
• Retail, restaurant and recreational facilities, an airport, and a 1,200 slip marina.

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